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Relashionship Between Jobs and Soft Skills in the Technology Sector: A Case Study in the City of Florianópolis

Eduardo Moreira da Costa, UFSC, Doctor, educostainovacao@gmail.com, ,0000-0002-8606-4050.
Andreici Daiani Vedovatto, UFSC, Master Student, andreici@unochapeco.edu.br, 0000-0002-4684-0705.
Luciana Hervoso, UFSC, specialist, lucianahervoso@gmail.com, 0000-0002-1475-7026.
Sergio Luiz Gargioni, UFSC, sergio.gargioni@ufsc.br, Master, 0000-0001-8378-6990.
Jamile Sabatini Marques, UFSC, Doctor, jamilesabatini@gmail.com , 0000-0003-3734-4459.
Rafael Rath, UNOCHAPECÓ, specialist, rath@unochapeco.edu.br, 0000-0003-2252-7930.
Adriana Karam-Koleski, UFSC, Doctor, adriana@opet.com.br, 0000-0003-4413-1849.


The Soft Skills theme has been presented and discussed by several academic and professional players: researchers, consultants, entrepreneurs and technicians in Human Resources. These are personal skills that go beyond technical competence, absolutely determining the performance of any organization. Understanding what they will be and how to develop these skills has been the challenge of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which periodically publishes reports mapping areas, professions and skills that will be trending in the coming years. So, this article seeks to answer which skills are requested in advertisements and job vacancies in the area of ICT in the region of Florianópolis? with a double objective: [i] Identify whether companies in the creative economy segment, specifically technology, in the city of Florianópolis / SC are looking for soft skills in their job advertisements; and in this way [ii] Understand whether they are aligned with the trends presented by the WEF. For this, it carried out a qualitative research, classified as descriptive with an exploratory stage of analysis of the vacancies published in the LinkedIn and ACATE platforms, making it possible to conclude the importance of soft skills for the profile of technology professionals. It was also evident the difficulty in identifying these skills, and consequently requesting them in advertisements. Apparently, a weakness in the Human Resources sector that does not find a clear definition of the organizational culture from which to extract the necessary skills.

Keywords: Soft Skills; LinkedIn; ACATE; Florianópolis; Human Resources

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Vedovatto, Andreici Daiani; Vedovatto, Andreici Daiani; Gargioni, Sergio Luiz; Marques, Jamile Sabatini; Rath, Rafael & Karam-Koleski, Adriana December 2020.


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